In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, Vogue Open Casting 2023 emerged as a pivotal event, shaping the industry’s trajectory. Conducted in May 2023, this global model search marked a revolutionary step for Vogue magazine, aiming to redefine beauty standards and discover fresh faces that resonate with the contemporary world.

Vogue Open Casting Event Details

Vogue Open Casting 2023 unfolded its grandeur from April 19 to May 8, 2023, providing a three-week window for aspiring models worldwide to step into the spotlight.

This groundbreaking event was open to all femme-identifying individuals aged 18 and above, breaking away from traditional norms. Notably, participants didn’t require agency representation, emphasizing inclusivity. The absence of any entry fees further ensured that talent, not financial resources, took center stage.

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Finalists and Their Backgrounds


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Cynthia Machava – Johannesburg, South Africa

Cynthia, hailing from the vibrant city of Johannesburg, brings a unique South African flair to the finalists’ lineup. Her journey, representing diversity, is a testament to the global reach of Vogue Open Casting.


Abrar Mohammed – London, UK

Londoner Abrar, with a degree in classical studies, adds an intellectual touch to the finalists. Her background from King’s College sets her apart, embodying the fusion of academic prowess and modeling aspirations.


Colette Kanza – Paris, France

Colette, representing the city of love, Paris, introduces an element of haute couture to the mix. Her presence echoes the elegance and sophistication associated with the French fashion capital.


Mars – Los Angeles, California

Mars, a recent graduate with a double major in psychology and women, feminist, and queer studies from Vassar, brings a dynamic and multidimensional perspective to the group. Their commitment to counseling and therapy aligns with the evolving role of models in today’s world.


Mengyao Wang – Henan Province, China

Hailing from Zhoukou City in China’s Henan province, Mengyao infuses the group with cultural richness. Her presence showcases the global appeal of Vogue Open Casting, transcending geographical boundaries.


Rayan El-Mahmoud – Marrakech, Morocco

Rayan, representing Marrakech, Morocco, adds an exotic touch to the finalists. Her experience reflects the fusion of traditional and contemporary influences, creating a truly global representation.


Dulmi – Tokyo, Japan

Dulmi brings the essence of Tokyo, Japan, to the forefront. As a finalist, her presence captures the intersection of modernity and tradition, symbolizing the diverse tapestry of Vogue Open Casting.


Rania Benchegra – Accra, Ghana

Rania, hailing from Accra, Ghana, embodies a spirit of determination to shatter stereotypes. Her journey reflects a fierce commitment to embracing identities unapologetically.


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Vogue’s Open Casting Initiative

In 2023, Vogue took a monumental stride in shaping the future of the fashion industry with the launch of the Vogue Open Casting initiative. This visionary endeavor was driven by several key goals:

Reinventing Beauty Standards:

Vogue sought to challenge conventional notions of beauty by actively seeking individuals who embodied diverse archetypes and personalities. The initiative aimed to redefine the industry’s standards and celebrate authenticity.

Global Representation:

The emphasis on a global model search reflected Vogue’s commitment to inclusivity. By casting a wide net, the initiative aspired to capture the true essence of beauty across various cultures and regions.

Empowering New Voices:

Vogue Open Casting wasn’t just about looks; it was a platform for individuals with unique perspectives and voices. The initiative aimed to empower models to share their values and contribute meaningfully to conversations about the world.

Pushing Creative Boundaries:

Vogue, known for its avant-garde approach, endeavored to push creative boundaries with this initiative. By discovering fresh archetypes and personalities, the project aimed to inspire innovation and challenge the status quo in the fashion world.

Vogue Open Casting Contribution to the Fashion Industry

The influence of Vogue Open Casting on the fashion industry extends far beyond the runway. Here’s a closer look at its profound impact:

Redefined Beauty Norms:

Vogue Open Casting challenged the established norms of beauty, emphasizing that diversity is the new standard. By showcasing models with unique backgrounds and stories, the initiative prompted a shift in societal perceptions of beauty.

Promoting Inclusivity:

The event’s inclusive nature, welcoming individuals without agency representation, shattered barriers in the modeling world. Vogue Open Casting became a symbol of inclusivity, sending a powerful message that anyone with talent and passion deserves a chance.

Empowered Voices:

Beyond aesthetics, Vogue Open Casting became a platform for models to share their voices. Models were encouraged to speak out about their values and the issues that mattered to them, contributing to a more vocal and empowered generation of fashion influencers.

Global Representation:

Vogue Open Casting’s global reach ensured that the fashion industry became a melting pot of cultures and perspectives. This not only enriched the industry aesthetically but also fostered a sense of global unity and understanding.

Success Stories That Inspire:

The initiative’s success stories, like the discovery of Paloma Elsesser through Instagram, became sources of inspiration. Vogue Open Casting not only launched careers but also became a beacon for aspiring models worldwide.

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In Crux

As we reflect on the transformative journey of Vogue Open Casting 2023, several key points emerge, shaping the narrative of this groundbreaking event:

  • Diversity Redefined: Vogue Open Casting succeeded in redefining beauty norms, embracing diversity, and showcasing a rich tapestry of unique backgrounds and stories.
  • Inclusive Empowerment: The inclusive nature of the event shattered traditional barriers, empowering aspiring models worldwide and amplifying their voices beyond the runway.
  • Global Impact: With a global reach, Vogue Open Casting became a beacon for models from diverse cultures, contributing to a more interconnected and understanding fashion industry.
  • Success Stories as Inspiration: The success stories born from past events, including Paloma Elsesser’s rise through Instagram, serve as inspiration for aspiring models, reinforcing the belief that Vogue Open Casting is a gateway to success.

In closing, Vogue Open Casting 2023 not only marks a significant chapter in the evolution of the fashion industry but also lays the foundation for a more inclusive and empowering future.

Excitement builds as Vogue prepares to unveil a documentary featuring the incredible journey of the eight finalists. This forthcoming visual narrative promises to capture the essence of Vogue Open Casting 2023, providing an intimate look at the behind-the-scenes moments and the aspirations that drive these aspiring models.

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FAQs about Vogue Open Casting 2023

Vogue Open Casting is open to all femme-identifying individuals aged 18 and above, and there's no requirement for agency representation. This inclusivity is intentional, ensuring that talent and passion take precedence over traditional standards.

Absolutely. Confidence is key. Showcase your unique qualities and speak your truth. Vogue is not just seeking models; they are looking for individuals who can contribute their unique perspectives and voices.

Yes, past events have unearthed remarkable talents. A notable example is Paloma Elsesser, whose journey began with Vogue Open Casting. These success stories stand as a testament to the event's ability to propel individuals to international recognition.

Vogue Open Casting is a catalyst for change in the fashion industry. By reshaping beauty standards, fostering inclusivity, and empowering voices, the initiative contributes to a more diverse and dynamic fashion landscape.


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