Bulova Lunar Pilot: A Timepiece with Astronomical Heritage


The Bulova Lunar Pilot watch stands as a testament to precision and space exploration. This chronograph timepiece, etched in history, made its mark during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971. Crafted with meticulous detail, it’s not just a watch; it’s a journey to the moon worn by astronaut David Scott. Let’s delve into the captivating world of the Bulova Lunar Pilot, where innovation meets astronomical legacy.

Features and Specifications


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  • Diameter: The Bulova Lunar Pilot boasts a 43.5mm stainless steel case, ensuring a robust yet elegant presence on the wrist.
  • Thickness: With a sleek thickness of 14.6mm, the watch achieves a harmonious balance between durability and comfort.
  • Lug Width: The 22mm lug width adds to the watch’s overall aesthetics, providing a seamless connection between the case and bracelet/strap.

The heart of the Lunar Pilot beats with the Bulova high-performance quartz movement, vibrating at 262 kHz. This advanced technology not only ensures remarkable accuracy but also pays homage to the original Accutron II tuning fork-based movement.

Water-resistant up to 50 meters, the Bulova Lunar Pilot doesn’t just keep time; it does so even in challenging environments. Whether it’s everyday wear or unexpected splashes, this watch is designed to keep up with your lifestyle.

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Design and Display


The Bulova Lunar Pilot’s 43.5mm stainless steel case not only guarantees durability but also radiates an unmistakable elegance. The metallic allure of the case is a testament to both craftsmanship and style.

The black dial of the Lunar Pilot is not just a canvas for time; it’s a stage for visibility. Super-LumiNova hands and markers adorn the dial, ensuring that time is easily readable, even in the darkest corners of space or a dimly lit room.

The Lunar Pilot offers a choice between the classic standard model, featuring a black dial and stainless steel bracelet for a timeless appeal. On the other hand, the limited-edition “C3” version adds a touch of distinction with a blue dial and a stylish brown leather strap. Whichever you choose, you’re embracing a unique piece of history on your wrist.

Model Variations


Standard Model

  • Black Dial: The standard model of the Bulova Lunar Pilot boasts a timeless black dial, a canvas that perfectly contrasts with the luminous markers, ensuring optimal readability.
  • Stainless Steel Brilliance: Embrace the enduring charm of the stainless steel bracelet, seamlessly integrated with the case. This classic combination ensures durability while maintaining a sleek, modern look.

Limited-Edition “C3”

Blue Dial: Elevate your style with the limited-edition “C3” featuring a captivating blue dial. This unique touch adds a layer of sophistication, making a statement wherever you go.

Luxurious Comfort: Brown Leather Strap: The brown leather strap not only complements the blue dial but also offers a touch of luxury. Comfortable and stylish, it’s a perfect choice for those who appreciate both form and function in their timepiece.

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Price Information

Embrace the iconic Bulova Lunar Pilot without breaking the bank. The standard model, featuring a black dial and stainless steel bracelet, brings the allure of space heritage to your wrist at a price point of $695.

For those seeking exclusivity, the limited-edition “C3” presents a unique opportunity at $995. With a distinctive blue dial and a luxurious brown leather strap, this version not only tells time but also narrates a story of style and rarity.

Who It’s For

If the cosmos ignites your passion, the Bulova Lunar Pilot is your ticket to wearing a piece of space history. This watch resonates with the spirit of space exploration, making it a must-have for enthusiasts who gaze at the night sky with wonder.

For those who value accuracy as much as aesthetics, the Lunar Pilot stands tall. Its Bulova high-performance quartz movement not only powers the watch with unparalleled precision but also caters to individuals who appreciate the craftsmanship behind every tick.

In the union of space allure and meticulous engineering, the Bulova Lunar Pilot finds its audience – a community of stargazers, history buffs, and those who understand that time, like space, is something to be explored and cherished.

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In Crux

In conclusion, the Bulova Lunar Pilot watch is more than a timekeeping device; it’s a capsule of history, precision, and style. From its 43.5mm stainless steel case to the iconic black dial and Super-LumiNova details, every aspect is a nod to both the brand’s heritage and the grandeur of space.

With options like the standard model and the limited-edition “C3,” Bulova offers not just a watch but a choice that aligns with individual tastes and preferences. The pricing, starting at $695 for the standard model, opens doors for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Ready to embark on your journey with the Bulova Lunar Pilot? Explore the range, choose your preferred model, and make a statement with a timepiece that merges the legacy of space exploration with contemporary design. Purchase your Bulova Lunar Pilot watch today and wear a piece of history on your wrist. Time awaits – seize it with Bulova’s precision and style.

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FAQs about Bulova Lunar Pilot

The Bulova Lunar Pilot stands out with its 43.5mm stainless steel case, offering both durability and elegance. The black dial, adorned with Super-LumiNova hands and markers, not only ensures readability in various conditions but also adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Absolutely, the Bulova Lunar Pilot is water-resistant up to 50 meters. This feature ensures that the watch remains functional and accurate even in everyday situations involving water, making it a reliable companion for various activities.

The Bulova Lunar Pilot's high-performance quartz movement, vibrating at 262 kHz, is a key factor in its accuracy. This advanced technology pays homage to the original Accutron II tuning fork-based movement, showcasing Bulova's commitment to precision in timekeeping.

The Bulova Lunar Pilot appeals to a diverse audience. Space enthusiasts captivated by the moon's history, precision seekers valuing accurate timekeeping, and those with an eye for well-crafted, stylish watches will find the Bulova Lunar Pilot to be a perfect fit. It's a blend of history, technology, and design that resonates with individuals appreciating both form and function in their timepieces.


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